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Promoting California Young Reader Medal Books

In the Classroom

  • Have students become characters from one of the books and answer questions from the rest of the group, keeping their responses true to the story. Two students, acting in character, may speak with each other.
  • Encourage students to design posters; they can illustrate passages from the book or create an advertisement encouraging other students to read the book. Ask to display posters in the school library.
  • Have students write a Readers' Theater or play script based on the book and perform for other classes. Coordinate with the school library media teacher to perform the play in the library.
  • Have students write and present a puppet show based on one or more of the books.
  • Teachers may read the books aloud in class or read a selection from each book and encourage students to continue on their own.
  • Students can respond to Writing Prompts (see the CYRM K-12 Resource Book for ideas).

In the School Library

  • Write an article for the school newspaper or put a news release in the parent newsletter about the CYRM program.
  • Encourage your PTA to donate a set of books to your school library.
  • Invite classes to the library and give book talks on the nominated titles.
  • Publish an interesting excerpt from each book in the school newspaper, or read a passage over the intercom during morning announcements.
  • Display student-designed posters featuring CYRM titles near an exhibit of nominated books. Include books on similar themes, using ideas from the CYRM K-12 Resource Book.
  • Schedule several days in March for voting in the library. Provide voting booths, ballots, and ballot boxes. Encourage teachers who are using the books in class to bring their classes to the library to vote.

In the Public Library

  • Include CYRM information on your web site.
  • Contact local schools and work together with school library staff on a promotion project. Organize a presentation for teachers about CYRM and the nominated books.
  • Start a CYRM club. Give certificates to students who read all the nominated books in a category.
  • Ask your Friends of the Library group to purchase multiple copies of the nominated books for members of your CYRM club to check out. Use the books as prizes.
  • Write a news release for the local newspaper on the CYRM program. Include information about programs or activities your library is presenting.
  • Present a story hour or class visit featuring the Primary category books. Children vote for their favorite book and finish with a craft project from the CYRM K-12 Resource Book.
  • Create a display using posters of nominated books, the books themselves, ballots, and a ballot box. Use bookmarks, craft ideas, and game sheets from the CYRM K-12 Resource Book, handouts, or drop-in activities.

Promotional Materials

CYRM Posters and bookmarks created by Perma-Bound will be distributed at the upcoming conferences for the CYRM supporting organizations.

Nominees 2016 - 2017 - Printer-Friendly

Nominees 2015 - 2016 - Printer-Friendly

Nominees 2014 - 2015 - Printer-Friendly

Nominees and Winners - Complete List - Printer-Friendly | Download PDF

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